ISOMAT in the conference “Energy Saving in hotel establishments – methods and solutions”

ISOMAT participated in the conference “Energy Saving in hotel establishments – methods and solutions”, organized by the Athens-Attica and Argosaronic Hotel Association, at the Crowne Plaza Athens City Center in Athens, on the 29th of October.

The Minister of Tourism, Ms Olga Kefalogianni, and the President of AHA, Mr Alexandros Vasilikos, extended greetings at the beginning of the conference. The most modern methods of saving energy were presented during the event, showing the benefits concerning both the environmental protection and the reduction in operating expenses of hotel establishments.

In the conference, ISOMAT has presented the External Thermal Insulation System “KELYFOS”, which has been developed in cooperation with DOW Company and is certified according to the Directive ETAG 004 of the European Union.

The application of the External Thermal Insulation System “KELYFOS” yields multiple benefits to the owner, starting from up to 58% energy saving and reduction in the operating expenses, due to the decrease in energy consumption for heating and cooling. In addition, it contributes to the environmental protection, as the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere, due to heating and cooling, is reduced. Furthermore, it constitutes an excellent solution for the renovation of the building shell, used in combination with the colored plasters MARMOCRYL of ISOMAT, which eradicate the need for painting, thus accelerating the procedure and saving the owner unnecessary costs.

The most significant conclusion derived from the conference is that energy saving through modern solutions offers various, undeniable advantages, while being essential for the modern enterprises, which aim at remaining competitive.

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